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LYLE D. AND DALENE T. PERRIGO. Papers; 1957-2005. 1 cu. ft.

Lyle D. Perrigo received B.A. and B.S. degrees in chemical engineering from Rice University in 1953, and an M.S. degree in chemistry from the University of Idaho in 1961. He served as an officer in the U. S. Navy from 1953 to 1956. Perrigo's professional career has included work for General Electric Company (Engineer, 1956-1965), Battelle Northwest (Research Engineer and Manager, 1965-1983), University of Alaska Foundation (Senior Science Director, 1984-1985), Arctic Environmental Information and Data Center, University of Alaska (Acting Deputy Director, 1985-1988), Perrigo Technology, Inc. (Vice President, 1991-1999), and U. S. Arctic Research Commission (Director, 1986-). He also served on the board of directors of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers International (NACE). Perrigo has been active in the areas of public service and higher education, running for a seat in the Washington State Legislature in 1962 and 1968, and serving on several boards, councils, and commissions. In 1981, he moved to Anchorage, Alaska with his wife Dalene. He has also been active in historical and genealogical societies, and has conducted numerous oral history interviews of family and professional associates, several of which have been published. Lyle and Dalene Perrigo now live in Richland, Washington.

The collection consists of the oral history, genealogy, and professional papers of corrosion engineer Lyle D. Perrigo, and his wife Dalene T. Perrigo. The collection is divided into four series: family histories and personal accounts (1969-2001); professional papers and publications (1957-2005); professional oral history interviews (1993-2003); and miscellaneous professional papers (1961-1986). The family histories include those for Eldridge Larkins, Elizabeth Bledsoe, Samuel May, Asa Flint Perrigo, James B. Perrigo, and Lyle D. Perrigo III. The personal accounts include those of Lyle and Dalene Perrigo's trips to St. Paul Island and Southwest Alaska in 2000. The professional papers and publications include Lyle Perrigo's articles, papers, reports, and publications, primarily in the field of corrosion engineering. The professional oral history interviews include those of NACE staff members; maintenance officers at Elmendorf Air Force Base; and Don O'Dowd and George B. Newton, Jr. (chairmen) and Ben Gerwink (member) of the U. S. Arctic Resarch Commision. The miscellaneous professional papers include clearance forms for Perrigo's professional reports, documents, speeches, and articles, and a draft directory for the NACE Board of Directors.

The collection was presented to the archives by Lyle D. Perrigo in 2002 to 2006. A deed of gift was signed by Lyle D. Perrigo and Dalene T. Perrigo in 2003. The donors retain copyright for their published works.

JAS (12/2005)


Series 1. Family Histories and Personal Accounts; 1969, 1973, 1980, 1986, 1996, 1999-2001, 2005.
1. A Larkins Genealogy: Eldridge Larkins and Elizabeth Bledsoe and Their Descendants; By Winnifred Eyrich Perrigo and Lyle Donovan Perrigon; Printed by Tri-City Genealogical Society Press, Richland, Washington; 1969 (63 pages including index).
2. "Samuel May & Descendants"; By Lyle Donovan Perrigo and Dalene Twing Perrigo; Reprint from The Tri-City Genealogical Society Bulletin; Jan. 1973 (10 pages).
3. Asa Flint Perrigo and Some of His Descendants; By Lyle Donovan Perrigo; Printed by Locust Grove Press, Richland, Washington; 1980 (35 pages including appendixes and index).
4. Oral History of James B. Perrigo; Interviewer: Lyle D. Perrigo; Mar. 22, 1986 (Transcript, 27 pages).
5. Interview by Lyle D. and Dalene T. Perrigo of son Lyle D. "Van" Perrigo, III concerning his adventures in Italy; Feb. 13, 1996 (Transcript, 31 pages).
6. Reminiscences of Three Perigo Family Members; Edited by Lyle D. Perrigo II; Published by Lyle and Dalene Perrigo; Dec. 1999 (Oral histories of James B. Perrigo, Lyle D. Perrigo II, and Lyle D. Perrigo, 74 pages).
7. St. Paul Island: A Visit to One of the Pribilof Islands; By Lyle D. and Dalene T. Perrigo; Perrigo Press, Anchorage; Nov. 1, 2000 (10 pages plus bibliography).
8. Historical Information and Structures in Southwest Alaska: Results from a Field Trip in 2000; By Lyle D. Perrigo; Report to the Alaska State Historian; December 26, 2000 (7 pages including color photographs).
9. As One Twig is Bent: True Stories of Parenting and Childhood in the Great Depression; By Beth Stiles Leffingwell; Stiles Publications, Anchorage, Alaska; 2001 (Edited, formatted, and designed by Dalene Perrigo).
10. USS Antietam (CVS-36): Memories, Accounts & Reflections; By Lyle D. Perrigo; Perrigo Press, Richland, Washington; July 2005.
11. Music Vs. Marriage: True Stories of Everyday Life with an Alcoholic; By Beth Stiles Leffingwell; Stiles Publications, Anchorage, Alaska; 2005 (Edited, formatted, and designed by Dalene Perrigo).

Series 2. Professional Papers and Publications by Lyle D. Perrigo; n.d., 1957, 1965, 1967, 1971, 1975, 1985, 1988, 1990-2000, 2002, 2005.
1. "Radionuclides in High Temperature In-Reactor Loops"; By Lyle D. Perrigo, Jr.; Work done at General Electric Company, Hanford Laboratories Operation, Richland, Washington; ca. 1957.
2. "Anodic Passivation of Ferrous Metals in Oxalic Acid"; By Lyle D. Perrigo and Vincent F. FitzPatrick, Battelle Memorial Institute, Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland, Washington; Paper presented in the proceedings of the combined AIChE, Electrochemical Society meeting at the Alderbrook Inn, Washington; Oct. 6, 1965.
3. "Decontamination of a PWR: The decontamination of the PRTR, accomplished with alkaline permanganate and a citrate-oxalate acid solution, provides valuable expereince for other stainless-steel, pressurized-water reactors"; By J. A. Ayres, L. D. Perrigo and R. D. Weed, Battelle Memoraial Institute, Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland Washington; Reprint from Nucleonics; Apr. 1967.
4. "Corrosion Education Programs for Community Colleges; By Lyle D. Perrigo and D. L. Pratton; Presented to the Western Conference of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers in Honolulu, Hawaii; Oct. 5-8, 1971 (10 pages).
5. "Design to Reduce Corrosion"; By Lyle D. Perrigo; Reprinted from Food Technology, Institute for Food Technology; Jan. 1975.
6. "Impact of LWR Decontamination on Radwaste Systems"; By Lyle D. Perrigo and James R. Divine, Materials Department, Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland, Washington; Paper No. 165, Corrosion/79, Atlanta, Georgia; Mar. 12-16, 1979 (10 pages).
7. A Challenge to Alaska: Report of the Alaska Research Development Project from the Scientific Advisory Commission to the University of Alaska Foundation; Lyle D. Perrigo, Senior Science Director, University of Alaska Foundation; Published by the University of Alaska Foundation; June 1985 (52 pages).
8. "A Summary of Case Histories of Corrosion in Alaska"; By Lyle D. Perrigo, A. Charles Madsen, Mike Chambers, John Dietz, Ben Guild, and James Purcell; ca. 1988 (unfinished paper, 10 pages).
9. A Forecast of Issues in the Coming Decade Affecting Corrosion Control Activities: Findings and Recommendations; Forecasting Subcommittee, Interorganizational Relations Standing Committee and Technical Practices Committee, National Association of Corrosion Engineers; Lyle D. Perrigo, subcommittee chairman; Apr. 1990 (25 pages).
10. "A Process to Remove and Recover Spilled Oil from Surfaces and Materials in the Arctic"; By Lyle D. Perrigo II, S. V. Cuccarese and Lyle D. Perrigo III; Presented at Polartec '92 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, January 21-24, 1992 (21 pages).
11. A History of the NACE Technical Practices Committee and the Technical Committees; By the TPC Ad Hoc Committee on TPC History; Author: Lyle D. Perrigo; Members: E.B. Backenstro; A.F. Brunn, H.G. Byars, C.P. Dillon, G.B. Elder, R.A. Legault, and L.C. Rowe; Published by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers; Mar. 1993 (229 pages).
12. Emergency Response and Related Issues for the Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant; By Lyle D. Perrigo, Joseph Lewin, Bradley K. Nelson, and Charles F. Tedford; Overview report prepared for the Environment and Natural Resources Institute, University of Alaska Anchorage, and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Anchorage, Alaska; Dec. 15, 1993 (51 pages).
13. Cold Climate Corrosion: Special Topics; Edited Lyle D. Perrigo, Harry G. Byars, James R. Divine; Published by NACE International; 1999 (copy returned for corrections and final corrected copy, 190 pages each).
14. A Compilation of Articles and Presentations Authored or Co-Authored by Lyle D. Perrigo in the period 1990-1999; Compilation prepared by Lyle D. Perrigo; Mar. 4, 2000 (Draft version).
Note: Names of co-authors are not provided in the list below.
-"History of Alaska Science and Technology: Encouraging Its Study"; American Association for the Advancement of Science, Alaska-Yukon Section Conference, Anchorage, Alaska; October 9, 1990.
-"Acquiring Science and Technology Information as Part of the Preservation Process"; Annual Meeting of the Alaska Association for Historic Preservation; Dec. 1990.
-"A Forecast of Issues in the 1990s Affecting Corrosion Control Activities in the North"; National Association of Corrosion Engineers Planning Document; 1991.
-"Arctic Science Symposium"; Alaska History News, Alaska Historical Society; Winter 1991.
-"A Process to Remove and Recover Spilled Oil from Surfaces & Materials in the Arctic"; Proceedings of the Polartech '92 Conference, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Jan. 21-24, 1992.
-"Trip report: Russia, July 7-13, 1992"; U. S. Arctic Research Commission; 1992.
-"What We Can Learn from the History of Corrosion Practice, NACE and TPC"; Plenary Lecture, Corrosion/93, New Orleans, Louisiana; Mar. 8, 1993.
-"Bilibino Site Visits"; Presentation to Corrosion/94, Baltimore, Maryland; Mar. 3, 1994.
-"The Need for Corrosion Data and Information Acquisition and Management in Alaska"; Canadian Regional Western Conference, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Proceeding, Calary, Alberta, Canada, February 8-10, 1994.
-"Special Aspects of Corrosion Control in the Arctic and Subarctic"; Proceedings of the Offshore Technology Conference, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Houston, TX, February 8, 1994.
-"Corrosion on Shemya Island"; Corrosion/94, Baltimore, Maryland; 1994.
-"An Information problem with Corrosion Cost, Efficiency, and Safety Overtones"; Canadian Region Western Conference, Proceedings, NACE International, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, February 19-22.
-"Answers to Some Chilling Questions"; Versions of editorial found in Materials Performance, Vol. 35, Jan. 1996, and Alaska Journal of Business and Commerce, Jan. 29, 1996.
-"Significant Problems Caused by Loss of Personal Information from Retirements"; Panel presentation; Creativity, Lighting the Poles: Collaborative Solutions to Common Problems, Proceedings, 16th Polar Libraries Colloquy, Anchorage, Alaska, June 17-22, 1996.
-"Rapid Repair Concepts Using Steel for Reinforced Concrete Marine Pilings"; Canadian Region Eastern Conference, Halifax Nova Scotia; Nov. 4, 1996.
-"Oiled Sand Beneath Storage Tanks: Should It Be Used in Cold Climates or Not?"; Corrosion/97, New Orleans, Louisiana; Mar. 10 1996.
-"Cold Climate Corrosion Control"; Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Cold Region Development, Anchorage, Alaska, May 4-10, 1997.
-"Cold Climate Corrosion Issues"; Australian Corrosion Association Annual Conference, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; Nov. 12, 1997.
-"Collaboration Between Scientific Societies and Libraries: Benefits and Arrangements"; Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC) and the 17th Polar Libraries Colloquy (PLC), Electronic Information and Publications: Looking to the Electronic Future: Let's Not Forget the Archival Past, Reykjavik, Iceland, September 20-25, 1998.
-"The Use of Oral History Techniques to Acquire Information for Corrosion Control Design Purposes"; Oral History Association Annual Meeting, Anchorage, Alaska; Oct. 6-10, 1999.
15. A Compilation of Articles and Presentations Authored or Co-Authored by Lyle D. Perrigo in the period 1990-1999; Compilation Prepared by Lyle D. Perrigo, Richland, Washington; Jan. 2005 (Hardbound volume).
Note: Does not include three articles found in the 2000 edition.
-"A Summary of Relevant Arctic Science Conference Activities"; Cook Inlet Historical Society, Anchorage, Alaska; Dec. 1990 (Not included in 2000 edition).
16. "Cold Regions Isotope Applications"; By Lyle D. Perrigo (BNWL); n.d.
17. Presentations & Publications of Lyle D. Perrigo; List updated Feb. 27, 2005 (8 pages, divided by sections for corrosion, other technical subjects, historical subjects, public statements and other miscellaneous subjects).
18. "The Need for Corrosion Data and Information Acquisition and Management in Alaska"; By Lyle Perigo, Dale B. Perrigo, and Juliann P. Talkington; Proceedings of the Candadian Region Western Conference of NACE International, Calgary, Alterta, Canada, February 8-10, 1994.
19. "Special Aspects of Corrosion Control in the Arctic and Subarctic; By Juliann P. Talkington and Lyle D. Perrigo; Proceeding of the International Conference of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, Houston, Texas, February 1994.
20. "An Information Problem with Corrosion Cost, Efficiency, and Safety Overtones; By Dale B. Perrigo and Lyle D. Perrigo; Presented at the NACE Canadian Region Western Conference, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, February 19-22, 1995.
21. "Stress Corrosion Cracking of Souses Diagnosed with Corrosion Fatigue; By Norman J. Dart, and Dalene T. Perrigo; Presented at the NACE Canadian Region Eastern Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (spoof); Oct. 1996.
22. "The Use of Oral History Techniques to Acquire Information for Corrosion Control Design Purposes; By Lyle D. Perrigo; Presented at the National Oral History Conference, Anchorage, Alaska; Oct. 1999.
23. "Information and Data Loss and Preservation Issues: Views of an Engineer and a Scientist"; By Lyle D. Perrigo; Presented at the Polar Libraries Colloquy, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 17-21, 2002.

Series 3. Professional Oral History Interviews; 1993, 1995, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005.
1. Transcription of an interview of Dennis Gentleman by Lyle Perrigo and Terence R. Dart on April 1, 1993; Purpose: to secure additional information about operating and maintenance practices that might affect the corrosion performance of two Aircraft Weather Shelters that are to be constructed at Eielson AFB (12 pages).
2. Oral history transcription of interview with John Barbour, Elmendorf Air Force Base maintenance force, on June 17, 1993 (14 pages).
3. Oral history transcription of interview with Ben Gerwink, member of the U. S. Arctic Research Commission on June 19, 1995 (16 pages).
4. Transcriptions of October 20, 1999, and January 20, 2000 Oral History Interviews of George B. Newton; Interviewer: Lyle B. Perrigo (13 and 33 pages).
5. Transcriptions of October 26, 1999, and March 27, 2000 Interviews of Harry Webster; Lyle D. Perrigo, Interviewer (14 and 24 pages).
6. NACE staff member oral history transcriptions; Interviews by Lyle D. Perrigo with Norm Hamner (Sep. 13, 1990), Dale Miller (Mar. 28, 2000), and Franz Vander Henst (Oct. 23, 2000?)(13, 19, and 26 pages).
7. Perspectives on the Development of NACE International: Four Oral Histories of NACE Staff Members; Edited by Lyle D. Perrigo; Published by NACE International, Houston, Texas; 2002 (Manuscript and bound version with cover)(Includes interviews with N.E. "Norm" Hamner, T.J. "Tenney" Hull, V.D. "Dale" Miller, and J.F. "Frans" Vander Henst).
8. Transcription of oral history interview by Lyle D. Perrigo with Don O'Dowd, Chairman of the U. S. Arctic Science Commission in the early to mid 1990s; Nov. 3, 2003 (15 pages).
9. "Third Interview: Arranging the Release of Data Acquired on Earlier Submarine Missions in the Arctic Ocean"; Interview by Lyle D. Perrigo with George B. Newton, Jr., Chairman of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission; November 13, 2003 (Portion of book manuscript, 40 pages).
10. H. A. Webster: Oral Histories of His Life and Work Within NACE International; Interviewed and Edited by Lyle D. Perrigo; Preparation and Funding by the NACE Northern Area; Printing by NACE International, Houston, Texas; 2005 (Includes 2002 corrected draft and related reference materials).

Series 4. Miscellaneous Professional Papers; 1961-1976, 1986.
Clearances forms for reports, documents, speeches and articles; 1961-1976.
2. Draft Directory, Board of Directors, 1986-1987, Corrosion/86, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Houston, Texas; Mar. 1986 (65 pages).