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HAROLD H. JACKSON. World War II Scrapbook; 1940-1945. .25 cu. ft.

Harold H. Jackson was an industrial arts teacher at Greenburgh High School in Rochester, New York, where he was also a league bowler. Jackson left Rochester in January 1942 to serve as a Sea Bee in B Company of the 85th United States Naval Construction Battalion. His unit served at Dutch Harbor, Adak, Attu, and Kodiak.

The collection consists of the World War II era scrapbook of Harold H. Jackson. The collection contains the contents of the scrapbook, including base newspapers, a unit memorandum, plan of the day, chapel service schedule, clippings, and photographs. The base newspapers include: three issue of The Attu Morning Sun, from the Naval Air Station, Attu, dated March 10, April 26, and May 27, 1944; and two copies of the Morning Press, from the U. S. Naval Operating Base in Kodiak, dated September 3, 1944 (each four pages long). The memorandum is a farewell message from the commanding officer of Company B, 85th U. S. Naval Construction Battalion, dated December 3, 1944, recounting some of the unit's exploits. The plan of the day is from the Naval Air Station, Attu, dated May 11, 1944. The chapel service schedule is from the submarine base at Dutch Harbor, dated October 31, 1943. The clippings include: two group photographs of Sea Bees from Rochester serving in the Aleutians with Jackson pictured; articles about Jackson's league bowling; an article about a state commendation for the industrial art shop at Greenburgh High School; various magazine items about the war in the Aleutians; and two headline banners from the Rochester Times-Union from May 7 and 8, 1945. There are 22 black and white photographs, primarily of Attu, on the following subjects: Harold Jackson and other naval officers and sailors, Holtz Bay Cemetery, Little Falls Cemetery, a trip on a small patrol boat, mountains, and an unidentified bay. Xerographic copies on acid free paper have been made of deteriorating items from the scrapbook.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2003.

JAS (3/2004)