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WALTER W. CUMMINGS (1922-2000). World War II Papers; 1939-1945. .5 cu. ft.

Walter W. Cummings was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He enlisted in the U. S. Army at Philadelphia on January 22, 1943, and trained at the radio school at Camp Croft, South Carolina, as a member of Company B, 26th Battalion, 8th Infantry Training Regiment. Cummings later served in the Army Air Forces at Fort Mears in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Walter Cummings died in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, in 2000.

The collection consists of the World War II era photograph album, papers and memorabilia items of U. S. Army Air Forces soldier Walter Cummings. The collection contains: the original photograph album cover; a xerographic copy of the original 29 page album; 215 original black and white prints; some military papers, and various other wartime memorabilia items. The military papers include: a soldier's individual pay record booklet, a newsletter, ration cards, a baggage inspection tag, and a base pass. Memorabilia items include: uniform patches, a good conduct medal, ribbons, buttons, pins, tickets, matchbooks, vehicle licenses, military booklets, an illustrated pillow cover, bullet shells, and a piece of metal shrapnel. Subjects of the photographs include: Walter Cummings, fellow soldiers, and buildings, aircraft and other facilities at Fort Mears; Dutch Harbor; Unalaska; and scenery on Unalaska and Amaknak Islands.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2007.

JAS (11/2007)

Item list:

1. original album cover (Alaska map illustration on wood).
2. Xerographic copy of the original album, 29 pages.
3. Photographs (215 b&w prints).
4.  Military orders; 1943, 1945.
5. Photography permit; 1945.
6. Newspaper photograph clipping of the Croft Radio School at Camp Croft, Spartanburg, South Carolina; 1943.
7. The Harbor News; Apr. 22, 1945 (military newsletter from Dutch Harbor).
8. Military shoulder patches (39 different).
-U. S. Army Divisions: 2nd, 17th, 34th, 78th, 93rd-99th, and 101st.
-Service Commands:1st-5th, Airborne, Replacement and School, Alaska Defense, and Persian Gulf.
-Third Army.
-Second Army Corps.
- Army Service Forces.
-Army Air Forces.
-Ninth Army Air Force
-Task Force Victory
-Desert Air Force
-Basic Force Elements: Engineer Amphibian Units and Port of Embarkation.
9. Army Air Forces specialist sleeve insignia patches (5 different: engineering, armament, communications, photography and weather).
10. Honorable discharge emblems (9 patches).
11. Rank (private) and overseas service bars patches.
12. Army Good Conduct Medal.
13. Soldier's Individual Pay Record booklet.
14. Baggage inspection tag.
15. War Department tobacco ration cards (2 cards).
16. Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, Pennsylvania, Class A Pass.
17. Trade tickets from the Ship's Service Department, Naval Operating Base, Dutch Harbor, Alaska (8 tickets).
18. Service club, raffle, and theater tickets (6 tickets).
19. Dutch Harbor matchbooks (2 items).
20. Pennsylvania vehicle license and registration cards; 1939-1941 (6 cards).
21. A Pocket Guide to Alaska; War Department, Special Service Division, Army Service Forces, U. S. Army; 1943 (booklet).
22. The Battle of the Aleutians: A Graphic History, 1942-1943; Produced by the Intelligence Section, Field Force Headquarters, Adak, Alaska; Written by Dashiell Hammett and Robert Colodny; Oct. 1943.
23. Color illustrated Alaska cloth pillow cover with fringe and a poem about friendship.
24.  Service ribbons, buttons, and pins (various).
25.  Bullet shells (2 different).
26. Metal shrapnel (1 piece).