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“Circumpolar Health Indicators: Sources, Data, and Maps”
Circumpolar Health Supplements, 2008 (3) (download article)
By T. Kue Young
This supplement is a compilation of a large amount of statistical data representing all of the Arctic people.

“The Circumpolar Health Movement Comes Full Circle”
Alaska Med, 2007; 49(2), 38-42 (abstract)
By Neil Murphy
This article evaluates the International Congress on Circumpolar Health (ICCH) meetings. It places events in the context of the history of the Arctic people and makes recommendations on future research.

“Dietary transition and contaminants in the Arctic: Emphasis on Greenland”
Circumpolar Health Supplements, 2008 (2) (download article)
By Jens C. Hansen, Bente Deutch, and Jon Øyvind Odland
This supplement is a presentation of the dietary and toxicology factors influencing the people of Greenland.

"Human health at the ends of the earth"
Rural and Remote Health, June 18, 2010; article #1534
Circumpolar Special Issue: Editorial
By L Arbour, A Parkinson, and JC Kulig
Download Full Article (pdf)
Download Research Resources (pdf)

“Indigenous People of Northern Russia: Anthropology and Health”
Circumpolar Health Supplements, 2007 (1) (download article)
By Andrew Kozlov, Galina Vershubsky, and Maria Kozlova
This supplement features the results of studies conducted from 1986-2007 with a number of different Russian indigenous populations.

"Integrating Access to Arctic Environmental Change and Human Health Research for the International Polar Year and Beyond"
American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2006, abstract #IN41A-0879 (abstract)
By C. L. Garrett

"International Circumpolar Surveillance: Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases: 1999 - 2008"
Circumpolar Health Supplements, 2009 (4) (download article)
By Tammy Zulz, Michael G. Bruce, and Alan J. Parkinson
This supplement reports on the progress of the International Circumpolar Surveillance system since its establishment in 1998.

"The International Polar Year 2007-2008; the Arctic Human Health Legacy"
Alaska Med 2007; 49(2), 43-45 (abstract)
By Alan. J. Parkinson

"International Polar Year"
Emerging Infectious Diseases, January 2008; 14(1)
This special issue of the Emerging Infectious Disease journal is dedicated to the IPY. It features a commentary by Dr. Alan Parkinson, lead contact for AHHI.
Department of Health and Human Services
Centers for Disease Control

To obtain a CD copy of this issue, contact Alan Parkinson at :
EID journal

“International Polar Year and Arctic Human Health Initiative”
Human Ecology, 2008
By Alan Parkinson and J. Hassi
This article presents an overview of the scientific and public organizations participating in the IPY.

"International Polar Year Arctic Human Health Initiative"
Int J Circumpolar Health 2006; 65(4), 284-289 (download article)
By Alan J Parkinson, Pamela Orr, and Neil Murphy

"Special Issue: Occurrence and prevention of suicides in circumpolar areas"
Int J Circumpolar Health 2009; vol 68(3) (download article)
This special issues presents information about suicide, suicidal behavior, and potential suicide prevention models from circumpolar areas. Differences in the prevalence of suicide and suicidal behaviors from different geographical areas of the Arctic and among different indigenous groups are discussed.

“Special Issue: Sami Health”
Int J Circumpolar Health 2008; vol 67(1) (download article)
This is the first issue of this journal that is dedicated solely to the health of the Sami people.

13th International Congress on Circumpolar Health (ICCH13) Proceedings, June 12-16, 2007
Download the: Proceedings/Abstract Book/Contents
To obtain a full copy of the Proceedings, contact Alan Parkinson at :
News about the event published in the IJCH:

ICCH13 - The Gateway to Human Health in the International Polar
Year - Summary of the Congress Held in Novosibirsk, Russia

Int J Circumpolar Health 2006; 65(4), 292-294
By Neil Murphy

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